Rain Damage

Bad, but all worked out in the end. During the project, the sub contractor left the roof uncovered one evening. When the rain began coming down through the ceiling, we called the contractor (at 12:00 am) to complain. He did not answer the phone so we left a message. We finally did hear back from him later that morning, however we had already called our insurance agent who was on his way out. The insurance agent asked if we got proof of insurance from the contractor. We did as part of the signed contract for a Borough park exterminator we received from him.

The insurance agent took pictures, documented the damage, and paid the claim. From there they went after the contractor for us. The contractor made a lame offer to try to fix the damages himself. However, as we were already having trouble with him our best option was to go through the insurance agent (State Farm). This proved very useful as he refused to give State Farm the name of his insurance company or his policy number — which he had changed since we started the project. State Farm filed a lawsuit against him in small claims and won thanks to our estate manager. We had long since been paid for the damages.

Custom Bodies

Custom Bodies is owned and operated by a great trainer who has been helping people improve the quality of their lives through fitness education and motivation for 15 years. Custom Bodies has been serving the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area since 1996, providing personalized fitness, nutrition, and weight loss programs to over 700 clients from 12 – 75 years old. Customized exercise, weight loss, flexibility, nutrition, adolescent, sport-specific and body-sculpting programs ensure that we have something for everyone. From individual core strengthening and glute toning exercises to comprehensive workout routines we have a fitness program for every lifestyle and fitness level.

“THE JUST SAY NO TO DIETING” program was developed and received it’s copyright in 2001 after 6 years of experience and research into what works and what doesn’t in the world of exercise programming, weight loss and weight management.
We are available in your home, office, condo, or or at one of our affiliate health clubs.
Custom Bodies has 15 trainers who are certified by one or more national personal trainer certification program and/or have fitness related degrees.

Member: American College of Sports Medicine


Our mission is to help people put an end to the frustrating, un- healthy yo – yo dieting and tortuous jump rope training programs plaguing Americans today. We educate as well as motivate our clients through the presentation of the latest research in the approach to fitness, nutrition and weight loss consulting. Our ultimate goal is to help you gradually make changes that will help you to live a diet free life and actually have fun in the process. The result – an improved appearance and a more energetic outlook on life.

A special offer for Custom Bodies newsletter subscribers and clients !! Thin From Within Is a Personalized Fat Loss Report Powered By Mind Frames Personality effects how you lose fat and you will have a huge advantage If you Know your individual tendencies. Based on your own Mind Frames test results, “Thin from Within” will help you discover the diet or exercise programs best suited to your personality. Get on track, stay focused, avoid obstacles and help you reach your full potential. – Click here for your FREE 28-page “Thin from Within” report (A $14.95 value), plus get a 10% discount on all other personality reports at a Saint Leonard gym.

Yahoo Launching New Search Engine

The leading global Internet media company, Yahoo Inc., recently launched a new search engine. Yahoo! says that this was done in order to allow users a faster and easier way to find what they are searching for on the Internet with experiential marketing.

The new search engine provides a better search experience in a cleaner, easier-to-use interface and offers faster ways to find relevant information. Yahoo! has leveraged on the assets of its network, while building on its back-end technological improvements in relevancy and comprehensiveness.

Yahoo!’ says that its goal is now to provide its users the highest quality search experience on the Internet. The new search engine marks the next step in building an integrated search platform that leverages the most relevant and comprehensive content from across the Web, which many SEO experts in Orlando understand.

Industry experts believe that Yahoo’s new search engine, which combines Google’s index with Yahoo’s customized services spanning sports, driving directions and weather reports, is aimed at replacing Google as the world’s number one online search engine.

Aerobics and fat loss

Everybody knows that aerobics burn calories, right?  And this type of exercise not only burns calories but calories of fat allowing people to attain fat loss, right?  This is a very popular notion but as you will see, the types of aerobics done will determine what types of calories will be used for energy.  Some exercises cause actual fat loss while others will only allow weight loss.

Many people are under the assumption that the more difficult aerobics performed will allow people to lose the most fat.  This is not true however as the more difficult exercises at a Ft. Lauderdale fitness studio elevate the heart rate past the point of being able to use fat for energy and therefore will not allow fat loss to occur.  The majority of people burn carbohydrates for energy while they are performing aerobics.  And burning a few extra carbohydrates will do little to allow fat loss to occur.

The proper method for using aerobics to lose fat is to slightly elevate ones’ respiration and heart rate and maintain this over an extended period of time.  Fat loss is most easily accomplished in this manner by way of walking and bicycle riding.  The improper method for using aerobics to lose fat is when people over exert themselves which takes the body out of the fat burning mode and in to the carbohydrate burning mode.  At this point all the effort in the world will not help for fat loss cannot occur when the body is using carbohydrates for energy.

Typical aerobics performed that cause respiration and heart rate to increase too high include the stairmaster, jogging/running, rowing, swimming and just about anything really, depending on the shape of the person.  For many people it is good news to hear that the majority of exercise is a waste of time when it comes to being able to attain any level of fat loss.  This could be the perfect excuse never to attempt using aerobics.  But for those who do not know the truth about exercise will continue to waste time and effort attempting to attain fat loss in ways that cannot cause this to occur.



The train to Machu Picchu leaves from Cusco central station at around 6am ,you can choose from the fancy Inca train which offers breakfast aboard also with a bar service to compensate the about 4 hours ride ,or you can take the backpacker train with basic facilities at a lower price – and a little longer ride – however still enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way down to Aguas Calientes a little town – end of the train ride where buses await you to take you to the entrance of Machu Picchu, the most famous Inca ruins in the world where you can learn about the life of Incas hundreds of years ago.

Another form to visit Machu Picchu is to walk along the famous Inca trail ,you still need to take the train from Cusco just not all the way to Aguas Calientes and get off more or less half way there and start walking with highly trained guides .The walk – depending on where you start it – can take from 3 up to 5 days. For this adventurous way of discovering the road the native Incans walked along many years ago will require a very good physical condition and a general medical check out is necessary before starting the hike. All necessary equipment such as tents and cooking facilities are provided for this treck as well as a team of local guides and assistants who help you carry the tents for camping at night and all supplies. Once you reach the end of the walk generally at sunrise you will se the exact view of the entrance the Incas saw when they arrived to Machu Picchu. And of course if you want you can stay there in the hotel to relax and have a comfortable rest after the demanding walk.

* Entrance fees to Machu Picchu and airport taxes are not included and must be payed at arrival.  This would the same for any st lucia taxi service used.

Full Wedding Coordination

This package is designed for the extremely busy, easily stressed, or brides planning from a long distance or even a destination wedding. Full coordination can include all details from the time you are engaged to your honeymoon!

A Bridal Consultation can help plan your entire event by locating appropriate local vendors for all of your wedding needs and also handle all the small details like favors, cake, and other notables. A coordinator is always there to handle the legwork, scheduling, negotiations, and the vast amount of details involved in planning a wedding.

This package is designed to include all details from the time you are engaged to your honeymoon!

  • Determine budget, style, color scheme and type of wedding you desire.
  • Alert you as to what and when things need to be done.
  • Guide you in choosing appropriate invitations.
  • Recommend calligraphy services.
  • Photo booth rentals you can rely on
  • Help and direct you in selecting a ceremony and reception site.
  • Refer vendors.
  • Monitor budget and payment schedule.
  • Personalize your ceremony and add flair to your reception.
  • Determine and order favors, menu cards, wedding programs and rentals
  • Help design wedding day menu.
  • Schedule and confirm all vendor interviews and follow up meetings.
  • Coordinate hotel accommodations for out of town guests.
  • Recommend make-up artist and hair specialist.
  • Coordinate welcome packages.
  • Assist at ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding day brunch.
  • Design the “flow” of the day.
  • Prepare wedding day timeline.
  • Provide a representative to attend your rehearsal, ceremony and reception.
  • Execute all of your wedding day requests.
  • Provide an “emergency kit”.
  • Handle any unusual situations as they arise.
  • Manage everything in a professional and organized manner.

This package is offered with either unlimited hours or a thirty hour limited package. During the initial consultation your full service consulting needs will be determined. This package will save you both time and money. Your wedding consultant will help you find vendors that have a history of quality work and on time performance. We will help you outline a budget and most importantly find the best values for your money.

What is Post-Herpetic Neuralgia?

The initial outbreak of blisters from the shingles virus often takes from 6 months to a year to heal. Afterwards, most patients have no further pain. For some, however, the pain continues. This condition is called post-viral or post-herpetic neuralgia which means “nerve pain after the virus.”

If the blisters are gone, why do I still have the pain?

The exact cause of post herpetic neuralgia is not known. Many physicians and researchers believe the shingles virus, although injured during initial medical treatment, may still be living in certain nerve roots near the spine.

How can I get relief from Post-Herpetic Neuralgia?

Since the pain’s source is in the nerve roots deep beneath the skin, the same prescription drugs used to fight the singles virus may help. Avoiding certain foods, such as peanut butter, chocolate, gelatin, and table salt, may offer relief as well. All contain certain chemicals that the shingles virus needs to thrive. For most, nerve blocks are required such as nerve blocks around the spinal cord where the outbreak initiated or under the rib, where much of the pain concentrates. Our NJ spine institute will discuss treatments available.