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Full Wedding Coordination

This package is designed for the extremely busy, easily stressed, or brides planning from a long distance or even a destination wedding. Full coordination can include all details from the time you are engaged to your honeymoon!

A Bridal Consultation can help plan your entire event by locating appropriate local vendors for all of your wedding needs and also handle all the small details like favors, cake, and other notables. A coordinator is always there to handle the legwork, scheduling, negotiations, and the vast amount of details involved in planning a wedding.

This package is designed to include all details from the time you are engaged to your honeymoon!

  • Determine budget, style, color scheme and type of wedding you desire.
  • Alert you as to what and when things need to be done.
  • Guide you in choosing appropriate invitations.
  • Recommend calligraphy services.
  • Photo booth rentals you can rely on
  • Help and direct you in selecting a ceremony and reception site.
  • Refer vendors.
  • Monitor budget and payment schedule.
  • Personalize your ceremony and add flair to your reception.
  • Determine and order favors, menu cards, wedding programs and rentals
  • Help design wedding day menu.
  • Schedule and confirm all vendor interviews and follow up meetings.
  • Coordinate hotel accommodations for out of town guests.
  • Recommend make-up artist and hair specialist.
  • Coordinate welcome packages.
  • Assist at ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding day brunch.
  • Design the “flow” of the day.
  • Prepare wedding day timeline.
  • Provide a representative to attend your rehearsal, ceremony and reception.
  • Execute all of your wedding day requests.
  • Provide an “emergency kit”.
  • Handle any unusual situations as they arise.
  • Manage everything in a professional and organized manner.

This package is offered with either unlimited hours or a thirty hour limited package. During the initial consultation your full service consulting needs will be determined. This package will save you both time and money. Your wedding consultant will help you find vendors that have a history of quality work and on time performance. Frogbridge Events will help you outline a budget and most importantly find the best values for your money.

What is Post-Herpetic Neuralgia?

The initial outbreak of blisters from the shingles virus often takes from 6 months to a year to heal. Afterwards, most patients have no further pain. For some, however, the pain continues. This condition is called post-viral or post-herpetic neuralgia which means “nerve pain after the virus.”

If the blisters are gone, why do I still have the pain?

The exact cause of post herpetic neuralgia is not known. Many physicians and researchers believe the shingles virus, although injured during initial medical treatment, may still be living in certain nerve roots near the spine.

How can I get relief from Post-Herpetic Neuralgia?

Since the pain’s source is in the nerve roots deep beneath the skin, the same prescription drugs used to fight the singles virus may help. Avoiding certain foods, such as peanut butter, chocolate, gelatin, and table salt, may offer relief as well. All contain certain chemicals that the shingles virus needs to thrive. For most, nerve blocks are required such as nerve blocks around the spinal cord where the outbreak initiated or under the rib, where much of the pain concentrates. Our NJ Spine & Orthopedic will discuss treatments available.