Aerobics and fat loss

Everybody knows that aerobics burn calories, right?  And this type of exercise not only burns calories but calories of fat allowing people to attain fat loss, right?  This is a very popular notion but as you will see, the types of aerobics done will determine what types of calories will be used for energy.  Some exercises cause actual fat loss while others will only allow weight loss.

Many people are under the assumption that the more difficult aerobics performed will allow people to lose the most fat.  This is not true however as the more difficult exercises at a Ft. Lauderdale fitness studio elevate the heart rate past the point of being able to use fat for energy and therefore will not allow fat loss to occur.  The majority of people burn carbohydrates for energy while they are performing aerobics.  And burning a few extra carbohydrates will do little to allow fat loss to occur.

The proper method for using aerobics to lose fat is to slightly elevate ones’ respiration and heart rate and maintain this over an extended period of time.  Fat loss is most easily accomplished in this manner by way of walking and bicycle riding.  The improper method for using aerobics to lose fat is when people over exert themselves which takes the body out of the fat burning mode and in to the carbohydrate burning mode.  At this point all the effort in the world will not help for fat loss cannot occur when the body is using carbohydrates for energy.

Typical aerobics performed that cause respiration and heart rate to increase too high include the stairmaster, jogging/running, rowing, swimming and just about anything really, depending on the shape of the person.  For many people it is good news to hear that the majority of exercise is a waste of time when it comes to being able to attain any level of fat loss.  This could be the perfect excuse never to attempt using aerobics.  But for those who do not know the truth about exercise will continue to waste time and effort attempting to attain fat loss in ways that cannot cause this to occur.

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