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Custom Bodies is owned and operated by a great trainer who has been helping people improve the quality of their lives through fitness education and motivation for 15 years. Custom Bodies has been serving the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area since 1996, providing personalized fitness, nutrition, and weight loss programs to over 700 clients from 12 – 75 years old. Customized exercise, weight loss, flexibility, nutrition, adolescent, sport-specific and body-sculpting programs ensure that we have something for everyone. From individual core strengthening and glute toning exercises to comprehensive workout routines we have a fitness program for every lifestyle and fitness level.

“THE JUST SAY NO TO DIETING” program was developed and received it’s copyright in 2001 after 6 years of experience and research into what works and what doesn’t in the world of exercise programming, weight loss and weight management.
We are available in your home, office, condo, or or at one of our affiliate health clubs.
Custom Bodies has 15 trainers who are certified by one or more national personal trainer certification program and/or have fitness related degrees.

Member: American College of Sports Medicine


Our mission is to help people put an end to the frustrating, un- healthy yo – yo dieting and tortuous jump rope training programs plaguing Americans today. We educate as well as motivate our clients through the presentation of the latest research in the approach to fitness, nutrition and weight loss consulting. Elevate Egg Donor Agency‘s ultimate goal is to help you gradually make changes that will help you to live a diet free life and actually have fun in the process. The result – an improved appearance and a more energetic outlook on life.

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