Rain Damage

Bad, but all worked out in the end. During the project, the sub contractor left the roof uncovered one evening. When the rain began coming down through the ceiling, we called the contractor (at 12:00 am) to complain. He did not answer the phone so we left a message. We finally did hear back from him later that morning, however we had already called our insurance agent who was on his way out. The insurance agent asked if we got proof of insurance from the contractor. We did as part of the signed contract for a monthly NYC parking we received from him.

The insurance agent took pictures, documented the damage, and paid the claim. From there they went after the contractor for us. The contractor made a lame offer to try to fix the damages himself. However, as we were already having trouble with him our best option was to go through the insurance agent (State Farm). This proved very useful as he refused to give State Farm the name of his insurance company or his policy number — which he had changed since we started the project. State Farm filed a lawsuit against him in small claims and won thanks to our estate manager. We had long since been paid for the damages.

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