Yahoo Launching New Search Engine

The leading global Internet media company, Yahoo Inc., recently launched a new search engine. Yahoo! says that this was done in order to allow users a faster and easier way to find what they are searching for on the Internet with experiential marketing at

The new search engine provides a better search experience in a cleaner, easier-to-use interface and offers faster ways to find relevant information. Yahoo! has leveraged on the assets of its network, while building on its back-end technological improvements in relevancy and comprehensiveness.

Yahoo!’ says that its goal is now to provide its users the highest quality search experience on the Internet. The new search engine marks the next step in building an integrated search platform that leverages the most relevant and comprehensive content from across the Web, which many SEO experts in Orlando understand.

Industry experts believe that Yahoo’s new search engine, which combines Google’s index with Yahoo’s customized services spanning sports, driving directions and weather reports, is aimed at replacing Google as the world’s number one online search engine.

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